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GearUp4CF 2013 - George Keulen in Osoyoos, BC

Well it’s finally here. We are in the midst of the 2013 GearUp4CF ride. All the training and planning is now behind me and I am in the thick of some of the hardest rides of my life, not to mention, the hardest over-all physical challenge. On DAY 3, in Osoyoos, BC, I got to catch up with George Keulen. If you remember from an earlier video blog, he had a double lung transplant and on top of that, still endures the health complications associated with having cystic fibrosis in the rest of his body. One of the things that amazes me about George is how upbeat he is, and how forthcoming he is. In doing so, he increases awareness about the monumental challenges associated with cystic fibrosis. When I struggle on the ride, I’m reminded by my conversations with George that I can always find a little more in the tank. I am in awe of you George.

If you can give to the cystic fibrosis cause, please support
my ride. All funds go to Cystic Fibrosis Canada and you will receive a tax receipt. Or if you’d prefer, here’s the link to George’s ride. I very much appreciate anything you can do and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve already received.

It’s a little difficult finding the time to blog much on the ride but I will do the best I can. Also, you can check out the public postings on the
Beyond Your Eye Productions and Lace Bite - The Movie Facebook pages.

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