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GearUp4CF 2013 - Paul Underhill in Creston, BC

On the day we finish the ride and arrive in Banff, I wanted to post one more interview with another person I greatly admire for attempting the GearUp4CF ride. Paul reminds me about the important of “balance.” While many of us are able to ignore signals from the body or put off taking care of ourselves, people with cystic fibrosis and those with lung transplants must necessarily be more vigilant than the rest of us. Paul explains how his new lungs mentally affect his ride.

Paul Underhill is one of the three riders with cystic fibrosis on the 9 day GearUp4CF ride. Only two years ago, Paul received a life-saving double lung transplant and with his new lungs, he has become a skilled cyclist to the point where he could consider riding GearUp4CF. Amazing.

If you’re able, please support
my ride. Or if you’d prefer, here’s the link to Paul’s ride. All funds go to Cystic Fibrosis Canada and you will receive a tax receipt. Thank you!

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